PERAPLUS™ stands as a leading brand dedicated to crafting top-tier ballistic materials tailored for the production of ballistic vests and hard armor plates.

Our cutting-edge materials are meticulously engineered to facilitate the seamless creation of body armor solutions that strike the perfect balance between lightweight design and robust durability.

These materials have been specifically formulated to meet the rigorous standards outlined in the latest NIJ 0101.07 Standard, ensuring compliance and superior protection.

Introducing PERAPLUS-GEN7™, one of our flagship soft ballistic fibers. This high-performance PE UD fabric is renowned for empowering body armor manufacturers to innovate and produce exceptionally flexible and lightweight soft body armor solutions.

The specifications of PERAPLUS-GEN7™ are as follows:

Nominal Areal Weight
60 gr/m2

Nominal Roll Width:
1.60 meter

Nominal Roll Width:
200 meter

Patented 0/90 Unidirectional

Ballistic performances:
Guidelines available for flexible armor solutions according to (NIJ) 0101.07 Standard.

PERAPLUS-GEN7™ exemplifies excellence in material design and manufacturing.

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Elevate your protection with PERAPLUS™.